SSL Certificate Checker

You can check your SSL server certificates, including their expiration dates, trust chain and exposure to the infamous Debian OpenSSL bug. Enter one server name per line in the text field below and click the button to start.

The URL in your browser's address bar will contain all the necessary information to repeat the check any time later - so feel free to bookmark it.

(Note: enter server names only, one per line. The tool doesn't need URLs, it needs FQDNs. So "" is ok, "" is not. In addition, port numbers for non-HTTPS servers, such as secure POP3, can be specified after a colon. For example: "".)

Revision History

2.0.0 (Oct-30, 2008)

  • Added checks for certificate trust chain and openssl-blacklist.

1.0.0 (Oct-14, 2007)

1.0.0 (Oct-15, 2006)

  • Initial release