Pingstat is an alternative to the operating system's built-in ping program. It supports most of the switches ping does, and will continously display statistics for the past ten seconds, one minute, one hour and one day.

Like so:

C:\Users\Marton\Desktop>pingstat -d 500
- pingstat 1.0.

Pinging ( with 32 bytes of data.
Max wait time is 5000ms, delaying 500ms between requests.
Working for 1 day, 5 hours, 51 minutes. Press Ctrl+C to exit.

              Min      Max      Avg      Loss     Sent     Lost
Last 10s     26ms     36ms     28ms     0.00%       17        0
Last 1m      26ms     95ms     29ms     0.00%      100        0
Last 10m     26ms     95ms     28ms     0.00%     1036        0
Last 1h      26ms     95ms     28ms     0.02%     6237        1
Last 1d      25ms    565ms     40ms     0.07%   145400       95
Total        25ms    565ms     37ms     0.06%   181644      115

Last attempt: 32ms
Pingstat will run until CTRL+C is pressed or the time specified in the appropriate command-line switch elapses.


LEGAL NOTICE: You're granted the license to freely use PINGSTAT. You may not redistribute, sell or re-sell it. Anything else you do with it is your sole responsibility. The creator and publisher cannot be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that result from the use of this software. By running the software you agree to be bound by these terms.

Follow this link to download: - 50K